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26 Sep 2009
St Georges League Club
 Students from Just Gotta Sing and Star Power Studios all enjoyed themselves singing on stage at the St Georges League Club
St Georges League ClubSt Georges League Club
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Jul 2009
 Come along and see Sarah Mitchell-Patterson and Lucas McDonald in Patience by Gillbert and Sullivan.

All the well-born young ladies in the village, rapturously caught up in aestheticism, are in love with two contrasting aesthetic poets — a "fleshy" poet and an "idyllic" poet. But the poets are both in love with Patience, the simple village milkmaid, who cares nothing for poetry.

Patience learns that true love must be completely unselfish--it must wither and sting and burn! The girls' military suitors don't see the point to aesthetics, but they decide to give it a try to win the women's hearts. It is touch and go for awhile, but everyone ends up with a suitable partner, even if it is only a tulip or lily.

Patience is lots of fun so come along for a giggle and also to enjoy the wonderful talented performers in the FAMS Theatre Company!

01 Jun 2009 to 31 Jul 2009
McDonalds Art Challenge
 Everybody at Just Gotta Sing would like to say good luck to Sarah Mitchell-Patterson and Caitlin Campbell who will be competing in the upcoming McDonalds Arts Challenge in June and July.

Both Sarah and Caitlin have entered the Music Theatre and contemporary sections and Sarah has also entered in the Country Music category where she will sing 'Not Ready To Make Nice" by the Dixie Chicks.

Have fun girls!!

May 2009
My Favourite Things
 All of us at Just Gotta Sing would like to say a big congratulations to Pamela Allen and Ingrid Bass. They performed in Mosman Musical Society's Annual Concert, titled "My Favourite Things" (www.mosmanmusicalsociety.com.au)

Pamela and Ingrid sang 'Take Me or Leave Me' from the musical "Rent" and it was very well received by the audience. My Favourite Things was held at Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre and included solo's, duo's, trio's and a beautiful ensemble work from musicals including "A Chorus Line", "Chicago", "Pirates of Penzance" and many more
My Favourite Things

Jan 2009
Happy 2009 to all you singers out there!
 It is a truly exciting time for everybody at Just Gotta Sing, with the arrival of our PA System. We now have state of the art sound including wireless microphones, Wharfedale mixing console with effects and DB Opera Live speakers which produce a beautiful sound (with our singers help of course). Our new system allows students to learn microphone technique thoroughly in each lesson. The Wharfedale mixing console has effects built-in so we are able to experiment with which effects suit the individual voice. It just so happens that it was the Just Gotta Sing men who were first on the microphone as we have the pictures to prove it!
Happy 2009 to all you singers out there!
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