Last Updated : 06 Jun 2012
Angelica, at Just Gotta Sing, understands the importance of working with the individual voice and personality. A friendly atmosphere allows students to sing with great flow, in a truly relaxed manner.

Choose songs you love to sing from an extensive repertoire of quality backing tracks. Focus on perfecting pitch and gaining confidence, whilst increasing vocal range and flexibility.

Angelica specialises in preparation for performances and auditioning for Music Theatre.

Take part in Just Gotta Sing Social Events which range from "open mic" nights, karaoke evenings and concerts. Experience being live on stage at our singing and performance workshops and Master Classes.

"I have made better progress in the last 8 months with Angelica than I have been able to over several years of singing" (Karen Barrett)

"Angelica disproves the cliche 'those who can't do teach'. She has a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience and her singing lessons are always fun" (Jeremy Smith)